Experience Canada – What You Need To Know Before Your Travel?

Canada is one of the most visited countries in the world. But just like how you visit other places, you need to have a plan before you travel to Canada. Research about the place and the best attractions that you should not miss. It is important that you avoid the very common travel mistakes. You need to be aware of the climate, the transportation options, as well as the travel requirements.

Be Aware of the Eligibility Requirements

The Government of Canada, the Immigration, as well as the Citizenship needs you to meet certain requirements before you can visit the country. This will include valid travel documents, enough amount of money in hand, no criminal records, and you need to be in good health. The travel documents that you might need would be your Passport for U.S. citizens while a VISA is required for other nationalities.

Experience Canada

Plan Your Destination

If you are a traveler, you might already have an itinerary in mind. Canada is very famous for its adventure and scenic promises. Canada is a huge country and does not be surprised if you are not able to visit everything in just one trip. Plan accordingly and go to places where you want to visit first.

The Best Canada Attractions

Canada is known for its tourist attractions and destinations. There may be too many places to visit, but here are the top destinations that you should not miss:

  • Athabasca Falls.

    One of the most popular attractions in Alberta is the Athabasca Falls which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. This is a very powerful waterfall that even when the water level is low, there are still huge quantities of water that are poured over the falls. There are viewing platforms for the tourists who want to take photographs of this amazing view.

  • The Bay of Fundy.

    This is conveniently located on the Atlantic Coast in the eastern part of Canada. This is very famous for its high tidal range and because the bay has a very unique shape, the difference between high tide and low tide on its water level is as much as 16 meters or 52 feet. One of the best places where you can watch the waves here is the Hopewell Rocks which is a number of sandstone towers that is topped by trees.

  • This is one of the smallest towns in Canada but many tourists are coming here every year to see its famous inhabitants, the polar bears. Churchill is named as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World” and is now one of the top tourist attractions of Canada. Aside from the Polar Bears, there are also beluga whales, birds, and the aurora borealis

  • Moraine Lake.

    This is located in Banff National Park and this is one of the most photographed views in Western Canada. A glacier-fed lake that has a blue-green color and is surrounded by the mountains of Alberta. The Rockpile Trail here is the most popular among tourists who love to take pictures. This lake was once featured on the $20 bill and earned its nickname the “Twenty Dollar View.” Aside from this, there are also other hiking trails where you can enjoy views of the lake while other tourists canoe in it.

  • Niagara Falls.

    This is near Toronto and should be your first stop when you travel to Canada. The three falls combined which are the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls, this is the highest flow rate of waterfalls in the world. Surely, it is as beautiful and as captivating as you see it in pictures. Do not forget to explore the theme park town as well once you have seen the Niagara Falls.

  • This is the largest city in Canada and is believed to be the most popular as well. This is where you can find the CN Tower which stands 1,815 feet and was once the world’s tallest. Toronto may not be the capital of Canada but with its sceneries and tourist attractions, it sure feels like one.

  • The Canadian.

    If you want to cross Canada in the most relaxing way, considering the train is the best option for you and that is The Canadian. This train connects Toronto and Vancouver and this is considered as one of the most popular train rides because it passes by the lakes of Northern Ontario, prairie provinces, and also the Canadian Rockies and the Jasper National Park up to the end of the city of Vancouver.

  • Vieux-Quebec.

    This is also called “Old Quebec” where the French explorer named Samuel de Champlain founded Saint Louis Fort in 1608. Today, this is now packed with small boutiques and different photographic points that attracts many tourists from all around the world. Many visitors would want to take in the Citadel or the ‘Gibraltar of the Americas” because it is located where it overlooks the St. Lawrence River.

  • This is one of the largest ski resorts in North America. When you travel to Canada from November to May, this is the best time to visit the most popular ski resort which once hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010.

When Is The Best Time To Go To Canada?

Remember that prices, the climate, and the available activities change depending on when you want to visit. Canada has four seasons so your itinerary should match the time that you decide to visit the country. You can research budget travel sites online to help you look for the best deals before you even fly to Canada.

The Law Differences

Read up on different local laws before you come and visit Canada. Certain regulations like the drinking age, speed limits, as well as bringing firearms should be considered. Remember that each place has different laws and regulations. Make sure that you respect it.

Visiting a beautiful country like Canada should not be ruined by a minor mishap. Do your research and plan wisely. Make sure that whatever your activities are, they are within your budget and your time will allow you to do it. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the best of Canada.