Most Useful Travel Apps for 2018

Have you ever found yourself caught in the middle of a long line of vehicles that have to stop because of a road mishap? If you knew beforehand about the accident, you could have looked for a different route. You would also want to be the first to know that the ticket price for your planned destination has just plunged. If you are using the most useful apps, you would surely know in advance that the route is not passable at the moment or that you should have booked the flight. Useful travel apps give information as well as warnings and advice. Here are the most useful travel apps that can work for you.

  1. Hotel Tonight

Booking a hotel room instantly can be difficult. However, with the use of Hotel Tonight, a travel app that sells same-day reservations at the best prices, you can reserve a room at short notice without any problems.

Best Tourist App
  1. Airbnb

This travel app makes it easy for travelers to find accommodation that is comfortable, safe, and which offers free breakfast. Travelers can stay with people who have extra room in their homes or apartments. There are cottages, trailers, tree houses, and boats that travelers can rent at low prices. There are Airbnb accommodations all over the world. Some travel packages include tours, excursions, classes, and workshops. You can also use the Airbnb app to make restaurant reservations. With Airbnb, traveling has been made easier and more affordable.

  1. GasBuddy

If you are taking a road trip, finding a gasoline station can be a challenge. The GasBuddy app will help you find the gasoline stations near you. If there are several gas stations in the vicinity, you can see the prices so that if you want to save, you can choose one that offers the lowest price. However, the app is only available in Canada, the US, and Australia.

  1. Google Trips

This app will be very useful for travelers who use Google maps, calendar, and Gmail. If you save flight schedules and mark the places that you want to see on the Google map, the application will know where you are going. It will remind you of the places that you want to visit and suggest other places of interest. Google Trips will provide a map as well as directions to the place. This will help you make the most out of your trip.

  1. iExit

The iExit is useful to people who drive to their destinations. This application will indicate if there are restaurants, gasoline stations, and ATM machines. If you have saved the name of your favorite restaurant, iExit will notify you when there is one branch nearby. You can enjoy your favorite food while you are traveling.

  1. LoungeBuddy

Te LoungeBuddy app will let you enjoy VIP treatment in the airports where you may have a long stopover. You can use it to avail of discounted day passes. You will also get notified when the credit card that you have can be used to get access to the lounges.

  1. Roomer Travel

When you have paid for a hotel room, and your trip is canceled, you might not be able to get a refund. Download the software Roomer Travel and use it to find a buyer for the hotel room that you paid for at a lower price, of course. Still, you will be able to recoup some of your money. You can also use the application to find prepaid hotel rooms that are for sale, and pay less than the actual price. Roomer Travel will be very useful to people who travel at short notice or for those who want to pay less for a hotel room.

  1. TV Food Maps

Download this software while on a road trip and be able to dine in the restaurants that you see on TV. TV Food Maps will let you know that a restaurant that you have seen on television is within the vicinity. It will indicate the distance of the place from the highway. If you are willing to take the extra miles, you can drive to the dining place and have your memorable meal.

  1. Wanderu

Wanderu is an application that is useful to travelers because it specifies the kind of transportation that you can use when you travel from one place to another. It focuses on trains and buses that are available to commuters. The software gives reliable information as to the schedules of Amtrak, Bolt Bus, and Mega Bus, as well as other land transportation.

  1. Uber

One problem that some travelers encounter in their destination is the taxi drivers. Drivers prefer payment in local currency, but most of them use credit cards, and so this is not possible. A few taxi drivers would charge more than what the actual fare is. Downloading the taxi-hailing app called Uber will eliminate all these issues. The passenger can use his credit card to pay the taxi driver, and Uber will get the exact amount based on the taxi meter. In some countries where Uber is not used, you can inquire about other taxi-hailing services.

  1. Lonely Planet

Download the Lonely Planet app to get an overview of the place that you are planning to visit. It will tell you about what to see and do in the area. The information comes with clear and lovely photos. However, you cannot book a trip to Lonely Planet. You have to use the services of a third party.

12. Hopper

Flight prices nowadays go up and down. The app Hopper will let you know the latest flight prices. You will get regular updates as to buy now or wait. If you prefer to wait, it will give you a date when ticket prices will be at the lowest. It can book your ticket for a minimal fee.

With these useful travel applications, going on frequent trips will be easy and convenient. What more, you will be able to afford to take a vacation in your dream places.