Visit Vietnam - Top 5 Tourist Destinations This 2018

Traveling to a new place can be both exciting and tricky at the same time. When you have the perfect itinerary, touring Vietnam can be a blast! With the hospitable and welcoming people, the rich culture, and the best landscapes that you can ever find in the world, the experience can last you a lifetime. Know the best places to visit and you are off to a good start. Remember that you always have to travel smart.

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Why Visit Vietnam?

People are wondering, why visit Vietnam? Most first-time travelers would visit Indonesia or Thailand, but little did they know that Vietnam has so much to offer when it comes to beautiful views, the food, culture, and its people. If you are still undecided, here are the reasons why you should never miss out on the chance to visit Vietnam:

  • The Food.

    Many tourists who were able to visit Vietnam can attest that Vietnamese food is “something to die for.” Even the simplest foods like the egg rolls, noodles, the rice dishes, and their fresh fruits and vegetables. Vietnam has its own unique taste that you will never forget. Follow your nose around the city and you might find the best food stalls and restaurants where food is always good.

  • The Cities.

    In general, the Vietnam cities are rich in its culture and one of them in Hanoi. Most visitors take the chance to look around the city first. This is considered to be safe compared to the other cities in Vietnam. Another city that you should visit in Hoi An that has different markets and shops and considered one of the most visited cities by tourists from all around the world.

  • The People.

    One of the misconceptions about the residents of Vietnam is their ability to communicate with the tourists. Many are surprised to learn that Vietnamese people are very good at speaking English. This gives them the chance to give you a warm welcome and even invite you to the comforts of their home, their culture, and also their restaurants. Vietnamese people are considered as one of the friendliest people that you will ever meet.

  • The History.

    Vietnam has a very long, harsh, and interesting history and what they have gone through is very popular all over the world. However, learning and seeing it for yourself will make you realize how real the stories are in the books. If you are interested in their history, there are tour guides who can show you around and explore the memories and sad remembrance that they had from the times of war.

  • The Backpacker’s Dream.

    Vietnam is the place for every backpacker so it is not a surprise when you meet other backpackers when you check in to their hostels. There are also different hotspots all around the country that is perfect for young, traveling backpackers who would love to visit some private beaches and pubs.

2018s TOP 5 Tourist Destinations In Vietnam

For the next three years, Vietnam has an extended visa-waiver. This means that you can easily travel from other parts of the world like United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy, and get the chance to visit one of the most beautiful Southeast Asian Nation. Here are the most important places that you can visit:

  1. Ha Long Bay.

If you love the sand, the water, and the sun, you have to visit the seascape of Halong Bay. This is one of the world's’ most captivating sea views. You can find hundreds and even thousands of limestones cliffs sitting in the bay that was eroded and molded through time by wind and water. Caves in the bay are the most visited because of its three mammoth caverns and impressively unique-looking stalagmites and stalactites.

  1. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Ho Chi Minh is popularly known as “Uncle Ho.” He is a political figure in Vietnam and his body was preserved in a glass case in this Mausoleum in Hanoi. The construction of the mausoleum started in 1973 and is now a well-visited attraction in Vietnam. When visiting, make sure that know the proper dress code and pay respect to the former Vietnam leader.

  1. The Ancient Town of Hoi An.

This culture-rich town offers you a mix of Chinese temples, a beautiful bridge designed by a Japanese, wooden shop houses, and even French-colonial houses. Most of the old shops that you can find here were converted to hold modern businesses which include tailor shops, souvenir shops, and art galleries. Some were converted to become restaurants and cafes where both locals and tourists enjoy their food and drinks.

  1. The Cu Chi Tunnels.

This is a very large war museum that shows its visitors a peak of what the soldier's life was like during the underground life of the Viet Cong-era. This is a 120-kilometer of tunnels which were constructed since 1948. This was the time when the Viet Cong were bravely fighting against the French. The people never stopped working until the massive collection of tunnels were done. This is currently one of the best attractions of Ho Chi Minh.

  1. The Mui Ne Sand Dunes.

The two sand dunes of Mui Ne are the most beautiful geological wonders of Vietnam. This is one of the places that you should never miss out on your next visit. There are tour operators in Mui Ne who would be able to organize day trips for you to these red and white sand dunes that can be compared to the Sahara Desert. Visitors can also rent plastic sleds to explore the area. There are also kite flying activities that you can take part with as you enjoy the beautiful sunset at the Sand Dunes of Mui Ne.

If your budget and time would allow, explore as many places as you can in Vietnam. This is one of the countries in the world where you can capture postcard-worthy views. The beach, culture, food, and the tourist attractions are all worth the effort and money that you spend in Vietnam. On your next trip, eat, sleep, explore, and enjoy Vietnam!